07 December 2009

Summing It All Up

Dear Parents and Students,

Our unit, Self Expression, is quickly coming to a close. The last step is for the students to demonstrate an understanding of the central idea of the Unit of Inquiry: `We express ourselves because we have strong feelings or thoughts about some things.` I have asked students to plan and present an idea, passion, feeling or thought that has personal meaning to them through an artistic presentation of their choice. Students used the technique of mind mapping to generate ideas, as sometimes that's the tricky part at the start. You will find a link to this on the right labelled Create and Express.

Students have also completed their expression movies and these are posted on the Publishing House Blog. This too can be reached through the link on the side bar. I think you will be surprised at how a combination of photographic image, colour, language and music can be used to convey emotion. The students are in the process of reflecting on their work. We have discovered, for example, what a difference the right music can make, how important it is to keep on refining your work (as sometimes a piece really isn't finished in flash) and how different techniques can dramatically change a picture's meaning. We have learned many new skills and highlighted the IB attitude of creativity. We have also seen how powerful I.T. is as a tool in the classroom.

Thank you for all the Learning Logs from last week. I really look forward to these arriving. Students made jewelry & photo collages, showed film, danced, painted and drew in response to their choice of music. The range of ideas students can draw on for presentation has increased dramatically since we started back in August. Students are really showing their ideas in so many diverse and interesting ways. I am looking forward to the logs in 2010!

In class we are:
Continuing our maths focus about understanding operations and calculations
Exploring long vowels
Building our portfolios

Ms. Judy