31 August 2010

What can a Learning Log look like?

Connecting our learning with the home

Conduct a search for anything that helps measure or tell the time. Record what you discover using your Learning Log. Think about the slide show of ideas we watched in class. If this seems challenging, start simply with a log in your journal using pictures and words.
Due date: Monday 13th September

Bring in a time measuring or time telling instrument to class. Be ready to explain how it is used.
Due date: As soon as you are ready

Please read for ten minutes each school evening. This can be reading aloud to someone or sharing a book.

27 August 2010


On Thursday we lead our first Celebration of Learning of the year. D and D introduced and closed the gathering, with H writing the introduction to our presentation. We discussed how important is was to hold our papers away from our faces and to be aware of our talking speed. All the students presented confidently and clearly. 


At the celebration we shared our 'pop art' pictures and the questions we had used to investigate one another's art work. Each student had looked at a classmate's picture and responded using the prompts I saw........I think ........I wonder. You will notice how we use Thinking Routines to explore and deepen our ideas. Next week we'll be asking each other those 'wonder' questions.

This week also saw us setting up the laptops and learning how to log on and save work. Students went through each of the writing processes to write about a favourite subject. We wrote about horse riding, animals, Greek myths, islands, Africa, gardening and Aston Martins. We started by brainstorming ideas we could write about.  Students really enjoyed looking back at some of my previous students' class books for added inspiration. Then we selected an idea, drew a picture prompt, made key notes, drafted, refined with me and finally printed out the published copy. All of these final pieces will go into out first class book. I learned a lot about each student's writing from this week long focus too. 


To help students develop their typing skills try out this link at home:
Image: BBC Dance Mat Typing

23 August 2010

Getting to know everyone

We have been busy getting to know one another in our first days together. Here we are sharing A's holiday in the UK. I have been taking the opportunity to observe and see how we can work best together in the coming year. Thank you for all the pieces of information and equipment at the beginning of term. I appreciate it is always a bit of a logistical shock after the holiday!

16 August 2010

It's the start of a new school year!

The Middle Primary Class is up and running. Just to give you a flavour of our first day here are some photographs.

Our new unit of inquiry is all about how systems are developed to help us keep organised. We started the day by organising our coat hooks and shoe shelves. We've developed a system from all the students' suggestions. It hopefully allows us an equal amount of space and it's easy for teachers to identify the owners of those misplaced jackets!

We also began creating collages in the style of the artist Peter Blake. After looking at some of the artist's work by describing what we saw, what we thought and what we wondered, we created small square pictures of things that say something about our likes, interests and backgrounds using pencil, pen, paint and paper. We are also going to make a much larger class photograph collage. Please look out for tomorrow's instructions in our communication folders.