20 October 2010

Getting Creative with Puppetry

We are going to start making a puppet library to help inspire our writing! For this Learning Log I would like you to start by watching the Jim Henson video about puppet making. It's on our Create and Express blog. Then think about the type of puppet or puppets that you think would be useful to have in a class collection so we can create as many different stories as possible. Finally collect together the materials you will need and make your puppet/s. Please bring them in as soon as you've made them.

Check out H's recommendation for a puppet website. There are lots of ideas for step by step puppet making.

Final date due: Thursday 29th October

Please also start collecting interesting pictures that could be used to inspire writing. Magazines and newspapers are a good place to look. I'd like us to build up a big collection to help us get writing. Bring them in as soon as you find something interesting.

06 October 2010


Welcome to our new unit of inquiry!

This unit falls under the transdisciplinary theme of 'How we express ourselves'. We are going to be exploring where all those story writing ideas come from. Is it from our imagination? Is it from experience? Or is it maybe a bit of both? Our aim is to use the world of literature, art and music to find inspiration for our writing. Sometimes getting started can seem like the most difficult part, but not if you have an idea to hand.

We will be exploring how illustrations have a vital part to play in writing, particularly exploring the work of Eric Carle. If you have books at home with stunning illustrations we would like to see them. If you find interesting pictures in magazines please send them in.

We will also be filling our writer's tool box with story writing planners, frameworks and language features like adjectives in order to have the communication skills to share our writing.

We started the unit by asking:
Who likes writing?
What do you like to write about?
Then we used art to show what our current writing ideas look like. Using these art creations as inspiration, the students wrote independently. We set up the Author's Chair and listened to all the stories. Our writing samples will also go in our portfolios.

Have a listen to the link in the Using ICT @ ISOCS blog entitled 'Engage Through Storytelling'.