19 June 2012

Family Histories: Personal Connections 19.6.12

Today we're launching our final unit for the year. Where has the time gone!

Transdisciplinary theme: Where we are in time and place
Central idea: Family histories provide an insight into cultural and personal identity.

1. This week as a family share some family stories that you've heard or experienced. You can even speak to a grandparent, uncle etc. to hear some stories too. Then write a recount of one of these stories. Remember to use the writing framework for this particular writing purpose. Use the rubric we made to make sure you have included the important elements for a good recount as you write. I will email this to you all. Finally self assess the recount at the end of writing and fill in the rubric. This can be hand written or word processed.

2. Today I brought in a special object which tells the history of a family event that reflected my culture and personal identity. Bring in an object that reflects an event that is significant in your family life.

Be ready to share your stories next Monday.

Plus: Reading