30 June 2012

It's the last post of the year!

Dear Students and Parents,

Where did the time go?! It's time to spend a moment looking back on the year. Some of my favourite moments have been when everything came together. For example our Force-o-rama, the Voice of the Poet performance and Zoo Exhibition. Seeing the students' confidence and skill at explaining their learning always made me immensely proud.

I enjoyed shaking hands in the morning, hearing about our weekends in our traditional Monday headline circle, just laughing, being wowed by David Attenborough's Life film, sharing the story of my Gran's ring, watching the concentration on students' faces as they created art works and finally having my class around me at the Strandbad to say goodbye.

Blogging has become a very important part of my teaching. It's where I've tried to explain many of the wonderful things that happen in the classroom and the reasoning behind it. I wanted to share the comments, insights and connections the students have made. For me professionally the blog has been a powerful reflection tool. I sit down and think about... so what did the students really learn today, what do their comments tell me, where should we go next, do I need to revisit something, what are the students really interested in? Teaching is complex and that's what keeps me passionate about what I do. So I have tried to share that complexity with you over the year (and for some the past two or three years) and to give you an insight into our day to day learning journey in the Middle Primary Class.

This summer will see me heading to work with an amazing lady called Lynn Erickson in Montana. I'll be learning more about Concept Driven Curriculum. Concepts are something you have probably noticed I've written about a lot as it's at the heart of PYP curriculum! Then relaxation with family and friends.

I would like to thank Kathy who has always been there in the background supporting me with her amazing ideas and technical support. Also a big thank you must go to Vasiliy who I have enjoyed working with through the year.

Thank you for the thoughtful gifts and card. You can be guaranteed the money will be well spent during my US adventures and the students' book treasured.

I wish you all a fabulous summer and safe travels to those going far. 

Judy Firkins-Jacobs

30th June 2012