11 June 2012

Personal Connections

Summative Assessment Part 2

At the end of a unit we gather our thoughts together and reflect on what we have learned. Use the paper you came home with to respond to the following questions which require a lot of careful consideration:

1.       Define ‘living’.
2.       What is classification? Define and give examples.
3.       Choose an animal. Explain how it survives in its natural environment in detail. (Please do not use your first learning log example.)
4.       Why do zoos need to understand an animal’s needs, strategies and behaviours? Explain with examples.
5.       Do people have responsibilities towards animals? Explain your thoughts.
6.       What has been your ‘biggest learning moment/s’ in this unit? Explain.
7.       How do you think you might use this knowledge and understanding you have gained in the future?
Use words (and pictures if you wish).

This is due on Wednesday.  

Tracks (next week will be the last week before the holiday)
Reading 10 mins per day