25 June 2012

Save the Last Word: Artefacts Telling a Story

We started the day revisiting at our central idea and using the concepts and vocabulary we had defined last week to help us develop a better understanding of our unit.

Next we shared the artefacts students had  brought in from home. The class were spilt into groups of four. One at a time, students put their artefact in the centre of the group and in turn everyone suggested what the story could be behind the artefact. The 'last word' went to the artefact owner who then told the story behind the object. We realised how important it was to then ask further questions as this often prompted the story teller to reveal more and connect with some really great memories. Every object really was unique as you can tell from today's list of artefacts:

A pair of special wedding shoes worn by the usher, a Russian family book retelling the story of a family from 1917 onwards with family trees, a piece of Lebanese cedar made into a plaque inscribed in French (the language came as a genuine surprise to the student), a special bedtime story book enjoyed by the whole family, a china dog passed down from generation to generation, a car with special first school day and party memoires, a re-discovered remote controlled car followed by a toddler, a dog collar from five years ago recalling the 'puppy training days', an old photograph of a castle revealing a successful condensed milk industry, a soft toy from a mother's childhood passed through a family, the story of a lost and found sister and a great grandparent's watch.

Each student also made an observational drawing of the object with a recount of the accompanying story. I am really looking forward to hearing tomorrow's family stories too.