26 June 2012

Sharing Our Family Stories

Today we shared our family stories. What a fabulous selection of world war stories, mysteriously appearing rabbits, 22 hour treks to the ferry, reunited families, adoptions, family Christmas traditions, family historians collecting 300 years of history, dog loving families......................We learned so much about each other today. We also reflected on what these stories actually told us about our family culture and about our personal identities.

This was followed by a reflection on the year which you will find in each student's portfolio. We reflected on the IB learner profile, the IB attitudes, our favourite units, achievements and memories of the Middle Primary class. What interesting reading and an opportunity for me to see what had really made an impact during the year. It's also delightful to see the growth and appreciation as to how far every student has progressed during the year.

Don't forget the opening of our model zoo tomorrow at 10.30 am. We've been getting ready!